Bridges Family Wellness


Dr. Currey is the founding doctor and owner of Bridges Family Wellness where she delights in providing health care and education for families and individuals alike.  These areas have been passions for Dr. Currey from a young age; she discovered naturopathic medicine almost by accident when she wandered into a health career fair and fell in love with its focus on treating the root cause of disease while empowering patients to learn more about their own health.

While pursuing her doctorate in naturopathic medicine at NCNM, Dr. Currey completed a one year internship with a focus on pediatrics and EENT conditions as well as six month internships in cardiovascular health and biotherapeutic drainage.  Ever the passionate learner, she continues to attend seminars focusing on a wide range of topics including pain management, pediatrics, and gastroenterology.  She is also currently pursuing advanced certification in the area of biotherapeutic drainage.

Dr. Currey  lives — and struggles with Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis.  Her personal journey with naturopathic medicine has inspired her and strengthened her commitment to helping patients find the same support and level of health she has.  As a mother of children with special food needs, Dr. Currey has had hands on experience creating healthy, cost effective, and tasty meals that address food sensitivities and allergies.

In addition to her focus as a doctor, she enjoys spending time with her family, knitting, cooking, learning about native plants, and exploring the Pacific Northwest.   She volunteers her time in her community by teaching a variety of health related topics, including nutrition, to elementary through high school children, and works as a board member for the Portland division of the National Psoriasis Foundation.
You can also find her writings on Naturopathic Pediatrics.