Acute Illness


Bridges Family Wellness Naturopathic MedicineDid you wake with a sore throat? Have you been coughing all weekend? Does it burn when you use the bathroom?  Did you throw your back out? I’m here to help you with your acute care needs in addition to long-term wellness care.

I provide acute care often with same day appointments available for established patients.  New patients can usually be seen within 48 hours.

Whether you need a doctor’s note to excuse you from work, a treatment plan to speed recovery, an order for x-rays to check for pneumonia, or herbal or pharmaceutical antibiotics for a bacterial infection I can help.  If you are on the fence about herbal or pharmaceutical treatments, we can do both.  My philosophy is to give herbal treatments first when safe to do so and then follow up with pharmaceuticals if your symptoms are worsening after 24 hours or if there has been no improvement after 48 hours.  I am an enthusiastic believer in using all of the tools available when they are called for.

Are you worried about running all over town to find the herbs I prescribe?  Don’t worry, I carry all of my most frequently prescribed products in office to save you time and money.

When it comes to pain, we can work together with craniosacral therapy, herbal pain remedies, and instructions for at home treatments and exercises to get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

I also provide post car accident evaluations and treatments if this is needed.

Once you recover from your illness, we can work together to design a wellness plan that will help you avoid catching every bug that comes around.

Please call for an appointment or schedule online, new patients can schedule their appointments with as few as 4 hours notice. 


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