Craniosacral Therapy


This gentle hands-on therapy is one of my favorite ways to balance the nervous system and bring pain relief. Craniosacral Therapy is based on four key concepts:  The body is a unified whole unit, it is self healing, how the body is structured will affect how it functions, and true healing should use the gentlest and most effective tools possible.

Craniosacral Therapy at Bridges Family Wellness in Milwaukie OregonWhat to Expect:

Appointments with me last for about an hour. You remain fully clothed and lay face up or on your side on my very comfortable table.  We will dim the lights and play gently music while you become as relaxed as possible.  Then, I will work to help your body release and realign.  Herbs can be used to add additional therapeutic benefit.

Personally, Craniosacral Therapy is my preferred way to have my chronic arthritis pain addressed.  The usual increases in symptoms I experience with more aggressive types of bodywork do not occur when I receive Craniosacral Therapy.


Some of the changes I have seen working with patients regularly include relief from or resolution of long standing pain, reduction in anxiety, improved sleep, greater focus, better adaptability to stress, breakthroughs in personal growth, insights into bad habits, resolution of tinnitus, and fewer migraines.  For most patients, they had been receiving many different types of treatment with limited success before reaching their goals through craniosacral therapy.


Insurance most often covers this treatment without need for prior authorization when it is combined with an office visit, but each individual plan is unique.   I’m happy to answer all other health insurance questions in a free 20-minute consult or at our first visit.

Future offerings:

My practice with Craniosacral Therapy is always evolving as I expand my training through monthly group practice sessions and multi-day trainings at least twice yearly.  I am in love with this therapy and I would be honored to add this treatment to your healing plan.  I currently work with patients age 9 and older, but plan to add in treatments for children as young as 1 year of age by Fall of 2019.

To read more about Craniosacral Therapy, feel free to check out Your Inner Physician and You from my lending library or visit the Upledger Institute:

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