Craniosacral Therapy


This gentle hands on therapy is one of my favorite ways to balance the nervous system and bring pain relief. This treatment is based on the work of Dr. John Upledger and his predecessors and focuses on subtle movements within the central nervous system and through the body. Using gentle pressure, the practitioner assesses your body for areas of tension and restricted movement and then offers the body the opportunity to unwind and let go.

Craniosacral Therapy at Bridges Family Wellness in Milwaukie OregonAppointments here at Bridges with me last for about an hour including time to check in on how you are feeling today as well as giving you time to transition back into your day. As this therapy is very relaxing, many people find themselves falling asleep or going into a meditative state similar to when they receive acupuncture or an excellent massage.

To read more about Craniosacral Therapy, feel free to check out Your Inner Physician and You from my lending library or visit the Upledger Institute: