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My favorite system of medicine to work with is known as biotherapeutic drainage.  It is a system that works well with others and can also be used as a stand alone philosophy.  For people looking for a completely different approach to their health and who have not found success with other practices – this may be the approach that will bring them results.  The trick is, you get out what you put in, and you have the responsibility of truly following through on our treatment plans.  Personally, in my journey to health, this has been the most powerful medicine I have used.

The principles:

Our body is like a bucket:

We are exposed to stresses and toxins on a daily basis, much more so than our ancestors were.  These come from many different sources: the foods we eat, pollution that we breathe,the chemicals in our home, unhappy relationships, job stress, chronic illness, the medicationswe take, and on and on.  We have systems in place to process and eliminate these substances from our body which are known as the emunctories: our urine, feces, breathing out, sweating, emotional outbursts, etc.  When there is too much of a load on our system, we cannot clear things out fast enough, and our bucket overflows in the form of diseases: rash, arthritis, osteoporosis, asthma, cardiovascular disease, hormonal imbalances like diabetes – the list goes on.  Our job is to make sure our emunctories are functioning optimally, and reduce our exposure to toxins.

How we eliminate and reduce toxins:

In order for out body systems to work efficiently, we need to live in a way that promotes health – you could call this following natural laws.  These are things like drinking water, sleeping, eating real food that makes us feel good, moving our bowels, exercising daily, getting outside, playing and enjoying life, and finding ways to reduce stress.  When we do these things, our normal physiology works.  The problem is when we have spent years not doing these things and the toxic burden has accumulated.  In this case, we need some help retraining our body’s normal physiology, this is where I come in to prescribe specific activities, supplements, and sometimes pharmaceutical band-aids to help speed the process along.

Health is a lifelong project:

No, this doesn’t mean you will need to see your doctor every month for the rest of your life.  What this means is when you have found a state of balance, you need to continue to live a healthy lifestyle that will maintain this balance and come in for tuneups when you feel that things are starting to slip.  There are no magic pills and the doctor does not fix you; you are in control of your health, and my role is to act as a guide helping you along the way.

To learn more, visit the Biotherapeutic Drainage website or schedule an appointment today.

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