Homeopathic medicine stirs up a lot of confusion for many people. It is a treatment developed by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in the 1700’s. The basic principles include the concept of like treats like and using the smallest amount of a substance possible to treat someone.  As a result, substances such as arsenic and deadly nightshade (Belladonna) have found their way safely onto grocery store shelves. You may have seen the little blue tubes full of sugar pills in most health food stores.

Homeopathy Medicine at Bridges Family Wellness in Milwaukie, ORHowever, homeopathy is a bit more complicated than this. In most remedies, the dilution is so high that there is not even a single molecule of the original substance left. This puts us into the esoteric worlds of energy medicine and molecular memory.

My Personal Experience:

I must admit, when I first entered medical school, I was dead set against the idea of using homeopathy.  My initial thought was to avoid anything that couldn’t be easily explained in biochemical terms. However, after witnessing the incredible results this form of medicine can deliver, I started using it for my family and myself.

I have seen it clear warts that would return after being burned off. I’ve witnessed the resolution of strep throat overnight without antibiotics.  I’ve prescribed remedies that successfully resolved ganglion cysts that had previously returned after surgical removal.  In addition, I’ve witnessed homeopathic remedies stop migraines in their tracks, clear ear infections within hours, ease anxiety attacks, and many other effects. To be clear, I do not see them work in every case or with such dramatic results each time, but I am glad this is one of the tools in my toolbox especially for patients who have not found relief with other treatments.

If homeopathy is a treatment that interests you, please be sure to work with a trained homeopath as the descriptions on those little blue vials barely scratch the surface and can be very misleading. Proper prescribing involves looking at the whole picture of your symptoms and matching that with the right remedy. Since there are hundreds of substances that can treat a headache, this means that there are hundreds of different ways to experience head pain.  Sometimes it takes a few tries to find the right remedy, so follow up is very important.

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