Preventative Medicine: Physicals, Well Child Exams, and Women’s Yearly Exams


20140922_090300As a licensed Naturopathic Physician,  I offer wellness exams from a holistic perspective.  You can come in for nutritional counseling and also have your yearly checkup.  I also provide pediatric wellness visits complete with immunization education.  While I do not carry vaccines at the office, I do refer patients to local clinics where low cost or free vaccines are available.

I offer much more than annual physicals, cholesterol checks, and vaccines though.  I also work with you to reduce your risk of developing diseases before they become a problem.  The best way to combat illness is to prevent it in the first place.  Let’s not wait until you develop a disease to address an imbalance.

Preventative exams are scheduled for 45 minutes and only available for return patients.  In my style practice, I simply cannot get to know you and your goals and provide a complete physical exam all in one visit.  I take extra time during physical exams to be thorough, to explain what I’m looking for and what I find, and give you the opportunity to ask questions.

During your exam, you will remain fully clothed until a sensitive exam such as a PAP or a hernia exam is needed.  Before I ask you to change into a comfortable cloth gown, I will explain the exam, what will happen, what I’m looking for, show you any tools involved, and give you an opportunity to ask questions.

I am particularly proud of the way pelvic exams are performed in my office.  No paper gowns or towels, you will have a full cloth gown, a full cloth sheet under you, a comfortable pillow, and a cloth full sheet for you to cover up with as much as needed.  If you want a blanket, I will provide this as well.  Exams are done without stirrups making them much more comfortable.  Best of all, I do not leave you sitting and waiting in a gown for an extended time.

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