I thought it would be a week full of “no”, I thought I would feel deprived, and I thought I would be having horrible detox symptoms – I have a chronic inflammatory condition and am taking a chemotherapeutic drug to keep my immune system in check after all.  But….


Yes, I know I just yelled at you, but it was with exhilaration, excitement, and joy.  The kind of shout you feel like climbing up a mountain to give – and I bet I could do it much easier than the mountain I climbed earlier this summer (Mt Scott in the Crater Lake National Park).

My previous post outlined the stipulations of the Whole30, but here they are again as a reminder:

Do not eat foods that adversely effect your brain chemistry, hormones, immune system, or gastrointestinal health:

  • Grains
  • Legumes (beans, peanuts, soy, etc.)
  • Dairy (except ghee)
  • Alcohol
  • Sugar
  • Seed oils
  • Nightshades – for me, if I eat a tomato or a potato I have a headache, heartburn, brain fog, and a sore throat within 10 minutes.


It sounds like a whole lot of no.  You might ask what I ate.  The answer is, a lot and a lot of really good food.  I have made some amazing culinary discoveries such as mashed cauliflower and cauliflower rice, new spices to work with, and new ways to prepare protein and vegetables.  You can see what I have been eating by looking at my facebook group, my pinterest page, and reading the blogs and books that I have linked to in my resource tab.  My family is eating the same dinners as I am and they are really enjoying all of the new flavors too.


Okay, so what has changed beyond my food:

  • I am sleeping at night
  • My pain has significantly decreased
  • My energy is high in the morning and low when it’s time to sleep instead of flipped around
  • My acne has greatly improved
  • My morning stiffness has decreased in duration from 2-3 hours to 30 minutes to an hour
  • I am having regular bowel movements (I have a diagnosis of IBS)
  • I don’t have sugar cravings and feel in control of what I eat
  • No more brain fog – I’m getting my sharp thinking back – so important as a doctor/mother
  • I feel good
  • Less swelling and bloating
  • My moods are high and my patience has increased
  • I wore heels for the first time in 2 years and rediscovered my strut – as a short woman with a big personality, that loss was a big one for my sense of confidence/vanity.
  • I am motivated to start exercising regularly again, and started yesterday with an hour of yoga, and I was able to get through all of my poses including child’s pose with no pain or pressure in my knees, no foot cramps, and no feeling of being dragged through the wringer afterwards –  the reasons I stopped my yoga practice years ago.


This is a lot in one week, I did ease into the plan over 2 weeks eliminating one group of foods at a time (and clutching my wine glass to the bitter end).  I also have been working with my fantastic Naturopathic Doctor to get my disease process under control, using biotherapeutic drainage therapy for years to help eliminate cellular toxins (I love this therapy and use it all of the time in my practice), and receive acupuncture monthly with the fantastic My’chell Vincent at Elements Holistic Wellness.  This may explain my very minimal detox symptoms which mostly consist of a headache toward the end of the day, but this has been decreasing steadily.

In summary,  I highly recommend giving the Whole30 a try.  You are so worth it, and with the right resources and support, it is an amazing experience that adds health, removes obstacles to cure, and reduces the symptoms of disease.  I would love to help you through the process.

I can’t wait to see how I feel on October 30th!


To our health!