The past few months have been very busy around here at Bridges.  Our first year was wrapped up by saying goodbye to our friends at Mount Hood Natural Health and Vibrant Family Medicine where I studied, worked, and practiced in different capacities for 3.5 years.  Our focus has now moved to Clackamas County.  This move, while bitter sweet, has opened the doors to new opportunities, and has allowed me to focus on my personal health, the health of my family, and the health of the local community.

In June, the doors opened at our Clackamas location in conjunction with Transform Physical Therapy and Wellness.  Working alongside Tami and Melissa has been an amazing opportunity; these ladies really know their stuff and are passionate about Physical Therapy and postural restoration.  I have benefited immensely from working with Tami, and I’m learning how to hold and use my body in ways that reduce the strain on my joints and decrease my back pain.

In August, I took a family vacation and in the process climbed up the tallest peak in Crater Lake National Park – Mt. Scott.  This was a huge accomplishment; in March, my arthritis was quite severe and I had been window shopping for wheelchairs.  I am so grateful to my ND and her expertise in helping me get to a much healthier place in my body.

Dr. Currey and her children at the top of Mt. Scott in Crater Lake National Park.  August 2014

Dr. Currey and her children at the top of Mt. Scott in Crater Lake National Park. August 2014

September brought the Walk to Cure Psoriasis 5K.  It was a beautiful day full of people excited to support those who live with Psoriatic Disease.  After the walk, I was able to meet with the main organizer, and have now joined the Portland chapter of the National Psoriasis Foundation and am working with the team to make improvements on next year’s walk.

In October, I and a few others embarked on our first Whole30 challenge.  It was tough at first, but got easier the longer it went.  I kicked my sugar cravings, my joint pain went from a 5/10 on the pain scale to a 1-2/10 just from changing what I ate.  I had much more energy, and I learned a lot more about what foods feel good in my body and which ones do not.  If you are interested, I will be embarking on a challenge once a quarter with the next one starting on January 2nd.  Join our facebook page for more information and support.  I will also be giving a $5 in-person talk at Ortho Healing on December 17th.

This month (November) two major things happened.  First, I opened my second location in Milwaukie with My Path Wellness where you can come train with a personal trainer, get acupuncture, get a massage, and see your doctor all under one roof.  Second, my contract with Care Oregon was finalized; I am now a Primary Care Doctor (PCP) with Care Oregon and all other Medicaid plans that run through that coordinated care organization.  This is a major milestone for me; I grew up on Medicaid and foodstamps.  I am so happy to be able to serve this population.

Hopefully, there won’t be any more major shakeups for a while.  Bridges is in a fantastic place to serve patients, teach the community about health, and continue to grow.  Thank you to all of my fantastic patients, my supportive family, my inquisitive students, and my inspiring colleagues for making my first year in practice all that it was.  I look forward to seeing what year two brings.