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Are you in a toxic relationship with yourself?

Think about the relationships you have in your life.  Are there ones that feel safe, nurturing, and beneficial to your life?  Are there relationships that suck the energy from you and make you wonder why that person is still in your life?  The second example is a toxic relationship.  Toxic relationships can come in the form of a romantic relationship, friendship, family members, colleagues, a boss, or even acquaintances.  One relationship often overlooked is our relationship with ourselves and especially our bodies.

When you think about your body, do you imagine a machine doing your bidding or creating obstacles?  What if that was how you viewed the other relationships in your life?  In our fast-paced society where we always feel pressured to do more and be more, most of us have forgotten how to relate to our bodies and our health.  We demand 110% participation and accuracy from our bodies, but we fail to nurture them in return.

Your body is not a machine:

Machines do not heal, do not need to be nourished and rested, they don’t adapt to changes and stresses, and we can put them aside.  Our bodies are an extension of ourselves; we intertwine within them.  When you are heartbroken, you feel it in your core.  When you fall in love, you feel lighter, and you can’t stop smiling.  Our essence and our consciousness integrate within our bodies.  If we are mentally stressed, this causes physical stress and vice versa.

You/Your body has needs:

We know (and ignore) the basics.  We need rest, nutrition, movement, creativity, expression, love, comfort, water, air, and the ability to process/integrate/eliminate incoming stimuli.  Without these things, we go into survival mode – you know that place.  In survival mode we are focused on just that, we aren’t growing, healing, or fully enjoying our lives.  The human body does this as well until it can no longer function and you start to get sick.  Some of us have more reserves than others, and it takes longer to get sick – thank you genetics.  Some of us, myself included have a lower threshold for when we start to feel the effects of neglecting our health.  Think of how you were earlier in life; you could pull an all-nighter or party hard and bounce back relatively quickly.  Now imagine this same scenario 5, 10, 20 or more years later; you probably aren’t quite so bouncy.  This decline is due to the normal process of aging, but it is also due to spending years burning the candle at both ends and ignoring the things your body needs.

Your Check Engine Light is on:

What does it mean when your blood pressure starts to climb, you develop aching knees, you have daily headaches, your blood sugar rises, or you cannot adapt to stress as readily?  Symptoms such as these are your body turning on the check engine light.  Something needs to give before you start to break down.  We can silence the check engine light with medications, vitamins, herbs, essential oils, surgery, and other therapies, but we are doing ourselves a disservice and creating that toxic relationship.  We have silenced the cry for help, but we haven’t made the changes needed.  As many like to say, take the time for your health before your body makes you.  Alternatively, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

What now?

Changing habits can be exhausting and overwhelming.  It is easy to try to do all or none or give up on starting because you can’t figure out where to start.  This is a fantastic time to contact a Naturopathic Doctor and hire them as your guide in sorting through the confusion.  Naturopathic Doctors are in a unique position with their training and their medical models to address the actual cause of symptoms and help you heal.  Many people turn to naturopathic medicine as a last ditch resort, but starting this journey sooner helps your efforts work faster and more efficiently.  It is easier to recover from 5 years of neglect than 50, but it’s also never too late to get started.

Are you Ready to Reset?

I’m here to help you.  Schedule a free 20-minute meet-and-greet consult to meet with me and see the office.  Free consults are an excellent time to ask questions about insurance coverage and prices.  I also offer home visits for cash paying patients if you would rather me come to you.  A home nutritional consultation where we can look in your cupboards and refrigerator together is a great tool.  Craniosacral therapy which is a gentle manual technique for relaxing the body and the nervous system is another excellent treatment that can be done in our office or in your home.  We can order lab work to check in on the biochemistry of your body.  We can create individualized herbal formulas to help with the changes you are making in your day to day life.  If needed, we can also discuss the use of pharmaceuticals.

You are worth living a full and fulfilling life; you need your health to do this well.

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To our Health!