A Magic Cure-All That Was In Front Of You The Entire Time

What if I told you there was a magic cure-all that when used regularly has been proven over and over again to do the following things:

– Help maintain or lose weight
– Work better than any anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication
– Reduce or resolve insomnia
– Cut your risk for diabetes or heart disease drastically
– Increase your mental and physical energy
– Improve your sex life
– Reduce pain
– Lower your chances of breaking a hip

What if I told you this treatment was free and available to almost everyone? What if I said it would only take 30 minutes of your day?
Would you want it, and would you want your kids to have it too?

Are you waiting for the catch or the buy now button? You must be thinking that if it were everything I’m saying it was you would have heard of it already? By now, you are checking your cupboards or asking your neighbors about it.

Here it is, the “magic” treatment: Exercise.

young woman stretching before and after exercise | magic cure-all

Now is when people walk away shaking their heads and feeling scammed. The thing is, there are no magic foods, pills, herbal elixirs, oils, books, or retreats that will do what regular exercise will do. There never will be. Our bodies were made to move.

Take Advantage Of This Magic Cure-All

Exercise doesn’t need to be a dirty word. All you need is at least 30 minutes a day to move. Do something fun that increases your heart rate and your breathing and keep at it for at least 30 minutes. Mix it up and try different ways of moving your body – swim, run, dance, play tag, ride a bike, hike, walk, or whatever feels right and makes you sweat. If you feel worse after exercising, take it down a notch or two – your body isn’t ready for that intensity level. You know you are in the sweet spot if 5-10 minutes after exercising you are fully recovered and have more energy.

Make sure you do something that focuses on your muscles and some cardio every week – we need the benefits from both. Whatever you do, do it regularly – that’s where the magic is. Consistency is the key.

–To our health!