Growth and Transition

A new year is upon us full of possibility for transition, growth, and abundance. 2018 is ready for us to make our mark. How are you planning on moving forward? For many, resolutions are made, neglected, and forgotten bringing feelings of guilt and failure. Please don’t let this be your cycle.

Another way to look forward is to set clear, achievable intentions. Getting the perfect beach body may be something you would like, but is it really on the top of your list? How much better would it be to improve your health and accept your body and how it is an extension of what makes you unique? Have you decided to quit a habit you no longer value? How about exploring the root of why you picked up that pattern in the first place and working with a professional to heal past hurts or misunderstandings that lead you there long ago?

Finding Ways to Progress

One analogy I like to use when confronting desired changes comes straight from my childhood summers. Do you remember spending hours swimming only to be too worn out to pull yourself up over the side of the swimming pool? In those instances there are several options, you can continue to tread water, use the ladder, swim to the shallow end and walk out, or accept a helping hand. When we desire to make real lasting changes in our lives but don’t allow help and berate ourselves for our lack of ability to make the switch overnight, this is akin to becoming enraged with our inability to pull ourselves out of the swimming pool with our spaghetti arms. It doesn’t make logical sense. Often this is how I see resolutions play out; instead of making progress and using the tools and supports available, we decide to continue treading water.

When we look in the mirror, it is effortless to start placing blame and laying down criticism. Don’t we want affirmation, compassion, and love? An article about self-care I read a few months ago helped me understand this concept acutely. Self-care is parenting oneself. You have the option to parent yourself in the way you feel you need.

Parenting Yourself

In my office, many voice disappointment with how they were parented. This frustration has led some to become paralyzed replaying old wounds over and over. You as an adult have the option and ability to turn a new page. Would you as a parent look at your child and make disparaging comments on all their struggles or would you give loving kindness, encouragement, gentle feedback, and ensure they got extra support when needed? As adults, we need these things too, but now we are no longer dependents, and we can pursue them on our own. You may have had a wonderful childhood full of positivity. The question is, after leaving the nest, did you suddenly experience an absence of this support replaced by negative self-talk?

Tools for Success

What tools do you have in place to foster success? With whom have you surrounded yourself? Have you defined your goals and identified their optimal outcomes? What daily rituals do you engage in to keep yourself focused? When looking at your activities and thought patterns, do they balance toward helping or hindering your success? Do you feel trapped in your life and have little idea where to start making small changes? These are all things to consider. Remember, if you have been treading water for a long time and feel burnt out, you are going to need a ladder, steps, or a hand up to get yourself out of the pool. It’s time to look around and find the tools you need to help you realize the best version of yourself. They may have been there all along just waiting for you to recognize them. Or, it may be time to bring in some new help.

Helping hand Bridges Family Wellness PCI’m here; I’m ready to be on your team. If you are already a patient of mine, perhaps it’s time to come back in and create a roadmap for your success. If you are working with another health care provider, maybe it’s time you call them up. If you feel it’s time to build your team, please schedule a free 20-minute meet and greet to see if we are a good fit.

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2018 is here; opportunities are waiting. Don’t spend this year treading water.

To Our Health!

~ Dr. Currey