Are you familiar with the old saying about making assumptions? Well, let’s leave “umption” out of this, shall we? I want you to know what to expect before and during your first visit when you are working with me.


First of all, the majority of scheduling is online. I chose to run my practice without office support a little over a year ago. With this model, I can keep my overhead lower, my active patient population smaller, and my focus on you. That being said, I’m not always available to answer the phone; I do promptly return voicemails as I can. Another way we can communicate is through your online patient portal where we can send secure emails and documents, and you can review past treatment plans, lab results, and other documents I have shared with you.

All paperwork is done before your first visit. Having the paperwork 24 hours prior to our meeting is crucial as it gives me time to look up your insurance information, read all of your answers, create your chart, do any needed research, and be fully ready for you when you arrive.

The First Visit

Our first visit is a getting to know you visit. During this 75-minute time, you have the opportunity to tell me your story. This is so we can move ahead with the best information possible. We don’t want to miss anything nor repeat things you have done in the past. This visit will also include necessary physical exams, and we will discuss any needed testing.

Between our first two visits, you will have a chance to read over the general recommendations that I give to all patients; you will have recommended testing done, and I will review your results. We do this to look for any unknown disease processes that have begun to or threaten to influence your health. We don’t want to overlook these.

Ongoing Care

During our second visit, we review your test results, you ask any questions that have come up, we clarify your treatment goals, and we create a treatment plan specific to you.

From here, we meet every 4-6 weeks to check in, make necessary changes to your treatment plan, make sure no new issues have come up, and keep us on track. Once you have met your initial goals, we can pursue new objectives, or we can enter into a maintenance and prevention plan. Here we will meet 1-2 times per year to check-in or address illnesses that come up.

I hope this clears up any questions about the general flow of working with me. If you still have questions about working with me, please schedule a free 20-minute meet and greet to help you make your decision.

To our health!