Comfort can be a loaded word these days. There are negative associations of staying in a situation that doesn’t serve us because we are more comfortable with the known than the unknown. On the opposite end, there is the idea of bringing relief to one who is suffering. I would like to speak to the second meaning of the word.

We seek comfort in many ways and in many places. Some are more constructive than others and some can lead to poor habits that take away from our health. In my role as a doctor, my goal is to help my patients find sources of comfort that add to their health without bringing in negative consequences such as guilt, harsh self-talk, or trading one health problem for another.

Here at Bridges, my personal philosophy of comfort includes many different aspects:

  • When you enter the clinic, you are greeted by a warm, inviting, and non-judgemental atmosphere.
  • Your time is respected, this means appointments start on time.  If for some reason, I am running late, you will be informed and if possible, any lost time will be added to the end of your visit, but if you are in a hurry, we will end on time.
  • You are provided with clear and transparent pricing for the services provided by me, so you can truly consider the financial impacts of your treatment options.
Attention to Detail
  • Your exams and visits will not be rushed.  There is time for all of your questions.
  • You and I collaborate with your other practitioners together.
  • All patient communications including paperwork are reviewed by me (your doctor) personally.
  • You can rest assured that I love my job and develop my skills continually.
  • Using the answers to your intake paperwork, your conditions and treatments are researched before you have even arrived for your first visit.
  • We use the tools of nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, and movement to rebuild your strength.
  • We avoid treatments that create excess stress on the body when it is in a weakened state.
Restoring your sense of agency (empowering you)
  • Your choices for care, both those offered by me and those offered by others are outlined for you during your visit.
  • I devote and schedule time to focus on listening to you.
  • Educational resources are provided to you that you can review and reference outside of our visits.
  • My role as your doctor includes being a coach and guide, not a dictator.
  • You always have the final say.
Providing nurturing
  • We can use healing touch in the form of craniosacral therapy.
  • I hug my patients who welcome this.
  • Your doctor acts as your cheerleader celebrating your successes with you and helping you through more trying challenges.

I want you to experience this different form of medicine. I want you to know you will be seeing your doctor and not a substitute. I want you to know that I care about you as a person and always have your best interests at heart.

If you are interested in experiencing the art of Naturopathic Medicine and embarking on a journey to health with me at your side, please schedule a visit. You matter; your health matters, and you are loved.

To our health!