One of my least favorite parts of being a business owner is when I need to turn potential patients away due to issues with insurance or financial hardship.  As someone who has faced financial difficulty in some shape or form their whole life, it pains me when this burden prevents access to the type of care that someone needs or wants for themselves or their family.  This is why I am implementing a new sliding scale option.

In my first 5 years of practice, I have mostly been able to avoid turning people away by taking insurance including Medicaid and keeping my prices transparent and in line with amounts negotiated by insurances.  However, over the past 18 months, I have noticed more and more instances of not being able to serve the people looking for my services.  A portion of this is due to ending my contracts with some insurance companies, some has been from the dissolution of other insurance companies, and for others, it has been due to the rising prices of insurance premiums.

In light of the current situation, I have decided to institute the following Sliding scale policy.  Those who are interested can submit a Sliding scale application (one per family including legal dependents up to age 21) that will last for 6 months before it needs to be updated.  Those who are approved will be able to take advantage of specific discounts based upon their income.

Discount Structure:

Based on Federal Poverty Guidelines (2017)

% Poverty


100% or below

50% discount

101 -125%

35% discount


25% discount


15% discount

Above 175%

0% discount

To apply, please complete and submit an application:

Sliding scale application