I don’t like to brag, but I love my patients and sometimes you do.  I enjoy meeting with you, listening to your stories, and helping you figure our your path to health.  Sometimes, you share your gratitude in your own words.  At those times, and with your permission, I like to bring your words to a larger audience.

This time, there were so many beautiful words that I needed a different way of sharing them.  Please take a moment to read these words.  If they speak to you, consider finding a Naturopathic Doctor to work with.

The letter:

Before meeting Dr. Danielle Currey, much of my life was spent in front of a seemingly endless parade of medical professionals and specialists.  A large majority of that time I was treated with horrible indifference, impatience, hostility, neglect and a few times, outright abuse.  Being quite the challenge, my ailments ranging from several severe bouts of pneumonia to physical injuries and surgery to boot.  In between, struggles with anxiety, depression and a plethora of allergies.  Not to mention, an atrocious diet and tobacco dependency; just to name a few.  Decades of compiling struggles finally lead me to seek out a better alternative to standard western medicine.

Today, the person I was, is quickly becoming just a distant memory.  Every day I get a little stronger, healthier and more informed.  And I am moving closer to the healthy, happy person I know I can be.  I credit this all to the amazing care and guidance of Dr. Currey.  Her dedication to her practice, without a doubt, sets a precedent for excellence.  Not only is she vastly knowledgeable but is also highly communicative and always inclusive in my treatment plans.

Dr. Currey is kind, compassionate and supportive.  Without hesitation, she consistently goes above and beyond.  Her thoughtful provision of care is that a whole-being wellness; working to help her patients to strengthen and heal their bodies as well as their minds and spirits too.  Her treatment plans not only target the issue[s] at hand, but also integrate easily into my everyday life.

I consider myself very fortunate to have Dr. Currey as a Guide on my journey to a better “me” and am always grateful for her shared enthusiasm for my success.  In Dr. Currey I have found an exceptional healthcare practitioner, an inspiring life coach, a trusted confidante, and a true mentor.

Sincerely,  B.G.