Why do People go to the Doctor?

Why do People go to the Doctor?

By Dr. Burke A 2013 study by the Mayo Clinic revealed the Top 10 Reasons people go to the doctor. These ailments are unfortunately very common and can cause a great deal of stress and discomfort to those affected by them. Skin disorders Osteoarthritis and joint...

What is the Whole30 Challenge and Why I’m Doing it:

Recently, I have been having an issue with food.  Yes, naturopathic doctors have food troubles too – quite a few actually.  I have been having many instances of feeling worse after eating rather than better.  I get headaches, have trouble focusing, and my throat...

Chronic Stress and Adrenal Function

An introduction to stress: Stress is good.  It helps us to grow, change, and become who we are.  Without stress, we would never change.  Our bodies are equipped to handle stressful situations – a fact taken advantage by adrenalin junkies who go in search of a...
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