Seeking comfort

Seeking comfort

Comfort can be a loaded word these days. There are negative associations of staying in a situation that doesn’t serve us because we are more comfortable with the known than the unknown. On the opposite end, there is the idea of bringing relief to one who is suffering....

Bee sting care in the field

Yesterday, my family and I were enjoying a lovely day out at Blue Lake park in Troutdale.  We  had a shady spot, the kids were splashing in the water, my partner was reading out loud, and I was knitting a sock to match the one I had already completed.  Everything was...

Yum Cashew Date Bars

Who doesn’t like a quick sweet snack that uses only two ingredients and is easy enough to have your kids make it for you?   Ingredients: 1 cup Cashews 1 cup Dates   Instructions: • In a food processor blend ingredients until they form a granulated...
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