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I’m Dr. Currey, and I believe in you.  I know you may not believe in yourself; I’ve been there and continue to struggle with self doubt too.  But, because you are here and reading this, I know you have the power to grow, heal, and surprise yourself.  I know because I’ve done it myself. 

Let me tell you my abbreviated story:


My early years weren’t so easy.  I was raised in poverty in a home that included abuse: drugs, alcohol, domestic violence, and verbal abuse.  My parents split and I was moved into a single-wide trailer with my mother and three younger siblings when I was fourteen.  I slept on a couch in the living-room for 4 years before moving out as fast as possible so as not to jeopardize my siblings access to health care.  During this time, I struggled with month-long migraines, arthritis, psoriasis, anxiety, and depression.  I know hunger, cold, neglect, fear, and sadness all too well.  

Despite all this, I did well in school, and I worked at the local Dairy Queen from the Summer after Freshman year up until graduation.  I was gifted an amazing scholarship and headed off to OSU to study pre-med.

It didn’t last for even a year.  My anxiety and depression kicked into high gear.  I thought it was burnout and I just needed a break.  No one, least of all me, recognized the fact that I needed help badly.  I was married at 19, and by the time I was 22, I had two children and had suffered a miscarriage.  Cycles of poverty seemed to be repeating, but they would turn around with a LOT of hard work.

When my youngest was a year old, and my spouse at the time had been unemployed for 6 months, I decided it was time to go back to school.  This time, I attended Chemeketa Community College, while picking back up at the same Dairy Queen.  My days started at 5:00AM and didn’t end until after I got home at 11PM, but I graduated!  From there, I went back to Oregon State, worked my tail off in nursing homes and factory jobs while taking classes, potty training, and teaching my kids to read.  I graduated again with my pre-med degree. 

Despite the suggestions that I take that degree and find a job, I kept going.

Medical school is rough and changes people.  25+ credits per term, 2.5 hours of commuting on the bus each day, a work study job, and parenting all took their toll on my already struggling marriage.  This time, when I needed my family, boy did they show up.  I was given a temporary place to live with my parents who are back together and addiction free still to this day!   They and my sister gave me the help with my kiddos I needed after my divorce during my second year of medical school. 

Five years, that one divorce, a new marriage, and several moves later, I graduated once again — this time with my Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine.  That Summer, I took and passed my board exams earning my license to practice medicine in Oregon and in October 2013, I hung my shingle opening Bridges Family Wellness.

Having survived the journey to becoming a doctor, now was the time to heal.  My health took a dive and the prediction I received in my 20s of a wheelchair in my 30s started to look likely.  No stranger to hard work, I set about the task of battling my disease.  You may not be surprised to find out that didn’t work.  Only by walking my talk, making peace with my body and listening to it, and slowing down have I been able to come off all medications, put the wheelchair in the attic, and find freedom in my health.  Bridges did some healing too.

Gone are the ambitions of a large clinic where I get to boss people around and rake in money.  Gone is my impossible desire to get the whole world on my side so I can save it.  Gone are my entrepreneurial ideas of building a practice to sell and going on to build another.  Success has a new definition for me. 

I have no partners, no stockholders, nor any staff, but I have a mission!


My mission is to find and support people who don’t think they can heal.  I help people who are suffering nurture the small hope inside that there is more to life.  I help them find it and nourish it.

Together, my patients and I baffle the doctors that gave up on them.  We change each other’s lives.  We heal.

I am the kind of doctor who listens.  I get mad with you, I cry with you, I worry with you, and I celebrate with you.  I’ll bring the party hats!

I want to introduce you to the real you.  I don’t want to sugarcoat it.  I don’t want to cover it up with drugs.  Let’s get messy.  Let’s dig deep.  In the end, you will surprise yourself.

Think you’re too far gone?  Bring it on!  I love a challenge!


To Our Health!