Herbal Therapy


H Herbal medicines are a nourishing and nutritious mode of healing. They are an extension of the idea that food is medicine and when concentrated can act as drugs; in fact, many modern pharmaceuticals got their start from plants.

I practice herbal medicine using whole plant materials as Homeopathy Medicine at Bridges Family Wellness in Milwaukie, ORoften as possible to gain the full benefits of the nutrients as well as the medicinal qualities. This means mostly herbs in the forms of infusions, tinctures, teas, and decoctions. I do use a small number of herbs in pill form for convenience and to concentrate desired components when indicated for a particular situation.

My goal is to teach you how to use plant medicine in your daily life and even how to make your own remedies at home to treat minor issues such as the common cold, sleeplessness, an upset stomach, or small cuts and scrapes. We can also work together to use herbs to rebuild and replenish your body while increasing your feelings of overall wellness.

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