Nutritional Counseling


I want to work with you to find the diet that is best for your long-term health.  I firmly believe that health starts in the gut and we are what we eat – quite literally.  We repair and grow using the raw materials that we put into our bodies.

While I personally follow a diet that works for me, I don’t believe that there is one correct way to eat that can be applied to each and every person. That’s why we will create a custom plan based on your needs.  As in every other aspect of health, an individualized approach is best, but a solid starting point is identifying and eliminating foods that are an obstacle to health while emphasizing foods that promote wellness.

To learn more, please schedule a visit to discuss your current nutrition, your health goals, and what you have already tried.  Remember, if what you are doing isn’t working for you, this means it is time for a change.

Helpful Nutrition Based Articles


Chronic Stress and Adrenal Function

An introduction to stress: Stress is good.  It helps us to grow, change, and become who we are.  Without stress, we would never change.  Our bodies are equipped to handle stressful situations - a fact taken advantage by adrenalin junkies who go in search of a thrill...

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The Therapeutic Order of Naturopathic Medicine

Many people believe that naturopathic medicine is about what treatments it uses.  While the contents of the naturopathic toolbox are very important, those tools do not define the profession.  You can read more about the tenets of naturopathic medicine here.  As a...

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