New Patient Forms


While I’d like to think my waiting room is incredibly comfortable, I know I can’t compete with your couch.  When you register for your patient portal account, all paperwork can be completed and submitted there.  If the system is down, or you really prefer to use paper, you can also access my forms here as well. You can help us take the “wait” out of waiting-room!

Before your first visit, I’ll need to obtain important information, like your medical history and background. If possible, please provide an email address when you schedule so I can invite you to my patient portal where you can complete your forms digitally.  If this isn’t an option for you, please print and fill out the following documents and mail them in at least 3 days ahead or schedule a time to drop them off at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.  This will give me the time I need to confirm your insurance coverage and review your story so I am fully ready for our first meeting.

I fully believe that your time is just as important as mine, so I don’t want to waste our scheduled time on paperwork.  I also invest 30 – 60 minutes into your care before you even walk in my door.  I use this time to be familiar with your answers, speak with your insurance, and do any needed research on your symptoms, medications, and conditions so I can be fully ready to hear your story.  This also allows me the opportunity to give you the best possible advice on treatment and further diagnostic investigation possible.



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