Patient Testimonials


Dr. Currey is a smart, compassionate and wonderful doctor. Here is how she shows this:
-Takes the entire time and length of the appointment with you. Is always present, open, accepting and supportive of what I say. Because of that, I feel I can tell her anything.
-Truly listens and takes notes. Shares a typed up plan and notes with you to take home or re-visit online on your patient portal.
-Is open and accepting of all ways of treatment. For example, Sometimes I just want Western medicine and sometimes I want alternative options. She lets me have a say in the way we approach my treatments.
-Always acts polite, warm and friendly.
-Knows so much. I ask her weird and constant questions and she always knows what she’s talking about and provides useful insight. She is very bright.
-Is very cognizant of my anxieties and fears. I only had to tell her once about certain fears and she respects this every time. She clearly reads her notes and charts/history before your appointment with her. Either that or she has an elephant memory and remembers all my quirks.
-She detected a heart condition in me that nobody has detected before in the 35 years I’ve been to doctors. Her thoroughness found this for me and it will be beneficial to future health care in my future. Definitely, something I needed to be aware of!
-Respectful of costs and personal budgets. She makes cost effective solutions and options because I’m honest with her about my budget.

I could keep going. I recommend her all the time and will continue to. She has helped me more than any other doctor and/or Naturopath has. And I’ve seen a lot. I’m so glad I have her as a health care provider. J.P.

After not feeling well for a few days, Dr. Currey was able to get me in the same day I requested an appointment. She was attentive, thorough, and took the time to make sure she had the whole picture. She also made sure I understood what was going on, how to treat it, how to prevent it, and when to call again if it wasn’t better. Thank you! M.A
I found Dr. Currey when I felt my world was just being a controlled side effect of Medication. I wanted to explore options for reducing my lengthy medication list and to gain control of my various health conditions. I was grateful that I found someone who truly understood my daily struggle both emotional and physically. She has been wonderful at listening, and helping me navigate to better health. For the first time in a long time I feel hope that things can become better! T.C.
Dr. Currey is an amazing Homeopathic doctor. She really takes the time to listen and treats you like a friend,  not an insurance number.  After 2 visits,  she’s not only cleared up the issue that brought me in,  but made several recommendations for other ways to improve quality of life- simple changes that have really been effective.   She’s very knowledgeable about nutrition and allergies, too. I will be bringing the rest of my family to get in the future! A.G.
I recently visited Dr. Currey while seeking alternative health care. She is knowledgeable and sincerely caring about health matters. Instead of over prescribing she provided me with straight forward and affordable treatment options. I highly recommend visiting Dr. Currey for your health needs. C.H.
What a great experience! I love Dr. Currey – she was very thorough, knowledgable and I am so excited to be working with her. Meet directly with your Doctor without having to repeat yourself over and over again – first to the Medical Assistant, then to the Doctor, she taught me how to prevent chronic sinus infections, and how to easily reduce headaches with “warm feet.” Ask her about it yourself! Saturday appointments as well! T.C.
I’ve been using Naturopathic care for my kids ever since my first son was born. The two visits he had as a baby to his MD were fifteen minutes tops, they mixed up his information and handled him with total indifference. When he got sick they went straight to antibiotics and had no home remedies to suggest to ease his discomfort. His naturopathic care has been like getting the royal treatment. Not only are my kids getting to connect with Dr Currey, she takes the time to explain our options and her diagnoses and care plans have been spot on. Thank you! :) K.Z.
The events and articles posted on this page are incredibly informative. I don’t always have time to stay updated on the most current health related articles, so it is nice to know I can visit this page.  Dr. Currey seems well informed on the most recent healthy articles, which is a great characteristic of a highly recommendable doctor. N.H.
I want to thank you so very much for your help and support!! While I still have a ways to go in solving my health issues, you have helped me get a really solid start!! Starting is the hardest part!! I appreciate your commitment to healthy boundaries, your thoroughness, and the energy you put into every appointment. I felt heard and valued, which is a wonderful thing in and of itself, and especially when it’s by a health professional! Thank you!! S.B.