Pharmaceuticals are just one of the many tools available for your care.  When they are the right treatment, I have no problem prescribing pharmaceutical medications I am comfortable and confident with.  Although I prefer to avoid drugs when possible, I recognize that there are times when they are needed.

I maintain an active DEA license so I can prescribe controlled pharmaceutical medications as needed including hormones, anti-anxiety medications, pain medications, and others.  I do not keep any of these substances in the offices, but they are available with a prescription at your local pharmacy.  I do not prescribe opiate medications for chronic pain, but I am happy to work with people on long-term opiate prescriptions who are being managed through a pain clinic.

I also provide counseling and medication management for patients who are already on pharmaceutical medications to help minimize side effects and when you desire it, we can move to a lower a dose, different form, or off of medication when possible.  As standard practice, when you register as a new patient or initiate a new pharmaceutical medication, I also evaluate your treatment for possible nutrient deficiencies and side effects that may be caused by your medications.  It is important to get the best effect from your treatments while minimizing the side effects.  Often through a simple supplement or herbal treatment, pharmaceutical medications can be much more effective and better tolerated.

When thinking of coming off a medication, I will ensure that your original complaint has been fully addressed, support the weaning process with appropriate supportive treatments, and help you slowly taper your dose.  Sometimes this is a long process, and sometimes we end up with a lower dose instead of complete removal of the medication.  Our goal is to support your health in the safest and most effective way possible.  Whether or not you are taking a pharmaceutical medication is never our primary goal.  Remember, all treatments are tools of health; removing a tool should never result in worse health.